I knew the moment I got pregnant for the second time that this birth was going to be different from my first. I was determined to have an empowered, informed and natural birth. One of the key ingredients to my astounding birth was undoubtedly having Chana as my doula. She guided and empowered me during my preparation and was an incredible coach on the fateful day. During the months leading up to the birth, an exercise she led me through blew my mind – she laid out index cards before me with different aspects of birth spelled out on them – I needed to take some away, reflect, and then do it again! It made me really prioritize what was important to me for my birth – and it was way better to do that with a clear mind than in the throes of labor! On the much anticipated day, Chana arrived and got right to work –a cold towel on my neck, massaging my back, positive affirmations– you name it. She knew exactly what to do! My husband is also eternally grateful for her presence that day, offering crucial support when he didn’t know quite how to be/help/etc! I had the birth of my dreams. She was instrumental to a day we will never forget and always smile about. Thank you forever, Chana!

— teresa

Chana was a great support during my pregnancy - sending me things to read, reminding me not to read too much... sharing local resources and events... She is all about what mom (and also dad) wants for her pregnancy and delivery. Chana’s excitement and calm voice helped my husband stay in a great frame of mind. Thanks to Chana being there, my husband was the calm, positive spouse and birth partner I needed. And Chana knew what I needed. Her emotional intelligence is ridiculously impressive. She knew what to say to me, when. And could tell by looking at me what I needed. She’s a real gem of a person. Having a positive birth experience - whatever that means for you - is crucial and her support will help get you there!

— yev

We could not have been happier with Chana as our doula. All I was told in my classes was there would be breaks in the pain but mine was consistent through my labor, as I was experiencing back labor! As soon as Chana entered the room she immediately started with counter pressure on my back and it was the first time I could breathe easily since my labor had started. I remember standing and Chana was squatting behind me doing the counter pressure and as much discomfort I was in, I asked her if she wanted a chair since it looked so uncomfortable. But all she said was to focus on myself and not to worry about her! She was at our side during the entire labor, saying encouraging words, helping me get into different positions to push since my son decided he didn’t want to move! After 2 hours of pushing with no real movement my husband and I decided to proceed with a c-section. Chana waited during this and came to see us in the recovery room before going home. She also came to visit us shortly after we were back home and made herself avail to any questions we had down the road. Our son is 20 months now and we still are in contact with Chana, sending pics and updates. It was my husband who pushed me to get a doula and I must say I am so glad he did! If we decide to have a second we will definitely use Chana!”

— sharon

Chana was my doula for the birth of my first child. She was right there with us day and night through a very long and hard labor. Her calmness, focus, perspective, and kindness made a world of difference as I navigated the various hurdles, struggles, and unanticipated circumstances of childbirth. I’ll never forget the importance of her presence through my labor and delivery and would highly recommend her to anyone!

— jen

Chana was right there at my side with support and encouragement, along with my husband and midwives. She reassured me when I was not sure if I was making any progress. When my son was born at 8:15pm Chana celebrated with me and the rest of my team. Chana’s presence was a bonus that added to the overall strength of my support team. Her assistance gave me the strength to go through the toughest experience of my life and feel positive about the outcome.

— sara

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