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I begin with a complimentary meet and greet which can be done in person or virtually. Upon being hired, we schedule appointment(s) to meet in your home (virtual options available as well) for prenatal visits. At these visits we get to know each other, review birthing options and birth education, explore your feelings (and your partner's) about labor and birth, discuss and develop your birth preferences, and delve into concerns or questions you may have about pregnancy, labor, birth and more!


I offer unlimited phone and email availability beginning from the time I am hired and continuing throughout your postpartum experience. I provide an introduction to baby gear, and gladly offer referrals and recommendations for additional information, services and resources.

My service includes continuous support throughout labor & delivery, whether beginning at your home or meeting you at your chosen birthing place, assistance with positioning, massage and counter pressure, relaxation techniques, ongoing encouragement, support and guidance. I will help you to navigate the hospital, should you be giving birth there, and remain with you throughout your labor and birth, offering information, reassurance and continuous, nonjudgmental care. I am with you through the arrival of your baby and stay for a while in the hospital, assisting with initial bonding and skin to skin, breastfeeding if this is your preference, and additional immediate postpartum support.

I return to your home after the birth for one postpartum visit including lactation support, newborn care and on-call phone support for emotional needs, baby care and referrals for additional services.


  • prenatal lactation education, preparation and support

  • in home postpartum lactation assessment and consultation, assistance with latch, routine, positioning

  • pumping assistance and support including back-to-work guidance 

  • pregnancy consultation and birth preparation/preferences planning session

  • informal childbirth education

  • sibling preparation for parents


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