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Hi, I'm Chana!

I am a doula, certified lactation counselor, licensed clinical social worker and mother. I approach pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting from a realistic and compassionate perspective. As a doula, I offer empathetic guidance and unconditional support to pregnant people and their families as they grow. I love supporting people through exciting, difficult and emotional experiences and I am forever grateful to the folks who welcome me into their lives. 


I have experience working with a diverse range of people and offer an individualized, tailored approach to every family I meet. My background and training as a mental health professional informs my views regarding pregnancy and birth — I see these processes as opportunities to nurture relationships both with others and with one's self. Birth and parenthood are chances and spaces in which to grow, explore and gain a sense of self. I strive for all births to be positive and met with excitement, joy, some healthy trepidation and lots of love.


I am originally from Suffolk county, Long Island, lived in Queens for many years and recently moved back to Long Island. I am an active member of the NYC/Metropolitan area birthworker community. My three children keep me busy and coffee keeps me sane.

I have trained with:

  • DONA International, 2011

  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Workshop with Gina Crossley-Corcoran, 2013

  • Spinning Babies, 2017

  • Healthy Children Project, Inc. Center for Breastfeeding, 2019

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